Why choose JCR?

Jeff Rodriquez, our late founder, had over 30 years experience in the electrical field. Not only that, he knew how to teach it so that the code was simple and easy to use. We continue to use his material and his teaching methods because they work!

Now following in his legacy, Victor Ring continues to use the “Code Made Simple” method of teaching. Our workshops are meant to simplify the National Electrical Code in a way that helps make it understandable, easier to navigate, and allows it to be an effective tool for every electrical professional. Victor welcomes questions and discussions in his workshop and will tell you he is there for you!

But don’t just take it from us!

View some of our personal feedback we’ve received, what other’s have to say at Electrician Talk, on Facebook, or select the workshop attendee(s) below to hear their comments.


Study material is offered for individuals with the following license levels:

  • Limited (L)
  • Intermediate (I)
  • Unlimited (U)
  • Single Family Detached Residential Dwelling (SP-SFD)
  • Fire Alarm/Low Voltage (SP-LA/LV)
  • Plumbing and Heating (SP-PH)
  • Electric Sign (SP-ES)

Classes are not intended for the following license levels:

  • Elevator (SP-EL)
  • Groundwater Pump (SP-WP)
  • Swimming Pool Bonding (SP-SP)