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What can I expect?

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North Carolina Evaluation

Practice using Zoom prior to your workshop by visting their website (, clicking on the links within your confirmation email, and/or viewing JCR’s how-to video below.

You are required to have a working video while you are logged into Zoom with us. State requirements require a visual of your attendance throughout the workshop. 

*Synchronous Virtual has now been approved to cover your “classroom” requirement as of February 2022!

Exploring the NEC & Upcoming Code Changes

Choose from:

4 hours:  Exploring the NEC (one day workshop)

4 hours: Upcoming Code Changes (one day workshop)

8 hours: Exploring the NEC & Upcoming Code Changes (both days)

double your CEUs with a complimentary online course at no cost

The class quality was excellent. I am very pleased with the instructor and the quality of the content as it was expected from JCR. Additionally, the convenience and quality of virtual classes is awesome. This will allow me to consider taking additional classes with more flexibility of location and what not. I am very pleased.

Madai Juarez

Electrical Contractor, Omnitron Electric Company

Great virtual class today! Thank you to Victor and the whole JCR staff. You are all great! Keep it up.

Bob Donaldson

Electrical Contractor, Duke Energy

Thanks for the very informative class. Victor is a passionate, knowledgeable and encouraging instructor. After close to 30 years of knowing Jeff and using JCR I had my concerns, but no more. Thanks again for all you do…

Ben Mickler

President, Benchmark Electric Inc

Thank you very much for the class, it was absolutely the best one I’ve taken so far and will definitely take other classes from you guys.

Christian Dittmar

Field Service Manager, Blair Image Elements

Electrical Business Management & Safety

This is a 6 hour course for new to experienced electricians needing to have a comprehensive review of industry-wide business management systems including safety practices and construction law.

This course models the building of an electrical company from one person to 15+ to show the growth in need for planning, insurance, ethical practice and fiscal responsibility, proper estimating and bidding, and employee management. The course ends with a review and discussion on OSHA and NFPA-70E considerations for electrical safety and safe practice standards.

Approved for:

6 CEUs North Carolina Licenses, 6 CEUs Kentucky Contractor Licenses, & Florida Workers’ Comp and Business

Electrical Business Management & Safety:

Mr. Victor Ring presented the course material with great enthusiasm and knowledge. Any person attending this course will gain A WEALTH of knowledge moving forward as a small business owner or as an employee, with a inside view of what it takes to grow your business or just to understand the inside structure in this industry.

Victor shared a lot of personable knowledge and the way to use and understand all variations of code presented in the module to work in compliance with, and how it can make you or break you.

Jim Harris

Director of Electronic Security Division, QTS

Electrical Business Management & Safety:

This has been the most interesting Continuing Ed class that I have had and I have been a customer of JCR since the ’90’s. Jeff helped me pass the test when we were marched into the classroom to take {the test} on paper. I appreciate the growth of JCR that Victor has helped facilitate. 

James Hill

HRE Construction