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Description of JCR Classes

Detailed NEC Workshop

This class is our most intensive class, and it is always taught as a two day class.

(The class begins at 8 am and runs to at least 6:00 pm each day)

It is intended primarily for individuals preparing to take and pass their electrical qualifying examinations, and in detail, it covers all of the subject matters included on the NC exams as well as any other electrical qualifying exam that is based on the NEC. It is necessary to attend both days of class if you are preparing for any qualifying examination.

This detailed course can be used to obtain continuing education by attending both days of the workshop. Twenty (20) hours of classroom education is earned and awarded, and no test is required to be taken to obtain your CE hours when completing this class. However, you can opt to complete a complementary 4 CEU online course to maximize your banking of hours in NC.

Description of Day 1 and Day 2

The tuition for the entire workshop (both days) is $575.00 and awards 20 hours of classroom CEs and an additional optional 4 online CEs.  Day One will award 10 hours in NC and 10 hours in Ohio, Day Two awards 10 hours in NC and 9 hours in most additional states.  Additional states have approved this course, as well, for various CEs.  Visit “Helpful Links” to see what states have approved each course.

Review and Renew Continuing Education

This class is specifically intended to provide classroom continuing education, and this class is available in most JCR teaching locations. No test is required to earn your CE hours when completing this class. The class is taught on weekdays in the following segments:

  • Morning Session – 8:00 am to 12 pm (4 hours of classroom CE awarded)
    • Morning Session Seating Is Limited To 5 Seats Per Class
  • Full Day – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (8 hours of classroom CE awarded)

These classes are not pre-examination related. They are intended to renew your NEC expertise by reviewing multiple and related subject matters within each segment at a comfortable pace. The subject matters that will be covered in the various and multiple segments include: Bonding and Grounding – Motors – Transformers – Conductor Ampacity – Conductor Sizing and Derations – Box Fills and Pulls – Various Calculations – Business Laws and Rules – Overcurrent Device Selections – Raceway Fills and Installations – Appliances – Lighting – and more….. The tuition for the Review and Renew Class is: Any morning segment – (4) hours of class $110.00 Any Full Day – (8) hours of class $205.00 Click HERE to register

Single Topic NEC Workshops

These classes are continuing education classes lasting for one full day of (8 hours) or one half day of (4 hours) and covering one detailed subject matter. Eight (8) continuing education hours will be awarded by completing any full day Single Topic Workshop. Four (4) continuing education hours will be awarded by completing any half day Single Topic Workshop. No test is required to earn your CE hours when completing this class. Our current Single Topic Workshops are:

  • Bonding and Grounding of AC Systems – (8) hours – $205.00
  • Bonding and Grounding and Motors and Motor Circuits (combined course) – (8) hours – $205.00
  • Bonding and Grounding of AC Systems – (4) hours – $110.00
  • Motors and Motor Circuits – (4) hours – $110.00
  • NEC® Code Changes – (8) hours – $205.00

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Private Workshops

JCR Productions, Inc. offers private workshops for any size group. The base price is set at $2,500/day for up to 10 students and $150/student over 10.  Topics range from JCR’s current offerings to specialized training. Arrangements must be made directly with office staff for date availability. JCR Productions has a small private workshop room at the Mooresville office for 1 to 2 students; however, larger groups will need to make arrangements at a separate facility in our general regional area. If you are interested in exploring private workshop options, just give us a call or send us an email. Our Educational Director will be in touch to explore your company’s needs.