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North Carolina Board Instructor of the Year

Hi Victor,
I wanted to let you know that I passed my exam on the first try. Made an 87%. Thanks for all your help, and pass along my thanks to your team. I will see you for CE hours in the future.

Rick Amos

{Victor} is an incredible electrician, and even more than just an educator. He is aspiring to the next generation of electricians. After having failed my exam the first time, I was very discouraged, and heard from several different people that his class was the one to attend. So I did. he not only taught and worked me through several of the areas I was getting hung up on but also made me feel like even if I didn’t pass I was a fine electrician. He gave me the confidence and information I needed and today I passed because of him. He could charge a lot more for his knowledge than he does, and I never asked because I paid five times the cost of his class to a one-on-one tutor who didn’t teach me nearly as much. Victor Ring is a master instructor and I cannot imagine anyone more deserving.

Kaisho Parson

The {Exam Preparation} class was the main source of test taking tips which helped me the most! This is the best prep I’ve ever taken. 

River Brooks

I wanted to thank you {with our contest}. It really helped! They were totally prepared for the test; Jill scored 100% and Bobby scored 92%. Jill is only the second person in the history of the contest to get a perfect score, and the first person was one of our former apprentices as well. We really take learning electrical code seriously, and really appreciate being able to partner with JCR to continue strengthening our members and students. Thank you so much!

Rebecca Axford

Electrical Training Director, IBEW

I am pleased to let you know that I passed my Michigan exam due to the training provided by JCR Productions and their excellent instructor.

Houston Baker

I wanted to personally thank the staff. Victor was excellent at explaining the code for the Asheville seminar I attended. I also wanted to shout out all the videos of Jeff I watched that were very helpful. All together, I am very pleased with the exam prep I received and very happy to report I passed my exam last Friday.

Chris W.

Hey Victor, I was the one that did HVAC that took your exam prep class this past Thursday and Friday. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam and just wanted to thank you for again for all of your help! I look forward to seeing you again in the future as I will definitely be using you for my continuing ed classes.

A. McDonald

I wanted to let you know that following a recent seminar, I took and passed the Unlimited exam with a 90%. The proctor attending the exam site inquired if I had attended “that Rodriquez fellows class” and I replied with a yes. He said that he should attach your name to all of the failing individual’s paperwork.

Good advertising huh? Again thanks for all the information and help!

K. Gardner

You are a Master Teacher. I learned how your materials really work. With your test I scored 86% and on the State test I scored 86%. Your Electrical Code Workshop material is like a short NEC book, and your 500 Sample Examination Questions are a special value. They really work!

O. Gavrilovic

I passed the test. Your materials are great. I’ve already recommended the class to others. I’ll be in touch later for some continuing ed.

C. McDade

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this week’s [Detailed NEC® Workshop / Exam Preparation] class as usual. My memory is fading, but I believe this is the 5th time I have attended your class. I got my VA Master’s around 1994. I needed SC and TN and was nervous about taking the test 13 years down the road. I easily passed the SC exam and passed the TN exam thanks to your courses, and I hope I pass the Florida next. I have never met anyone this is so well versed in the NEC®. You’re hard to stump! I’ve enjoyed your antidotes and it helps me to remember the code sections. Thanks for making the NEC® so much easier to understand and for giving me the confidence to continue to take exams in more states.

Greg S.

I just passed my NC Unlimited Electrical Exam with a 90% first try! I owe it entirely to the JCR Study Material and Practice Tests.

Luke U.

Victor/JCR Productions,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I passed my exam for my Unlimited Electrical Contractors License.  This is particularly surprising to me because I was not able to study as I wished I could have.  I do attribute my passing to be a direct result of JCR teaching me how to navigate the NEC more efficiently than I ever been able to before.  I didn’t light it up but I passed.  I needed a 70 and got a 76, which tickles me to death.  Exam in the rear view mirror now!!!  Thank you guys!!!

John J

Hi Victor. I took your exam prep course in Raleigh back in December and today, January 18th, I passed my Limited Electrical License Exam with a 77%. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course and how helpful it was in studying and applying to the actual exam. I will definitely be attending another one in the future when I am ready to upgrade my license. Thanks again, Victor, I look forward to the next one!

Chris M.

Hey! I just wanted you to know that, thanks in part to your excellent study materials, I passed the SC UNLIMITED exam yesterday with a PERFECT SCORE. Thanks for the great exam prep book.

Chip B

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the 8 hours of learning and the lesson plan.  This was my second time at JCR productions class and first time meeting Victor,  he did a great job! Can’t wait for his ideas to come into play once this covid stuff gets straightened out. I will definitely be back to JCR productions because I always learn so much while I’m there. Thanks again

Michael K.

Just wanted to let you know that I took and passed the Unlimited test Saturday. When he found out that I had passed, the proctor asked me if I had taken your seminar, and of course I told him yes. He just shook his head and said “WOW, that guy really knows his stuff!” I think your seminar is a real deal and I’llsee you again.

D. Williams

I attended your workshop and you were absolutely correct. Just study your material and passing the exam won’t be a problem. I passed the Unlimited exam 8/17/07 with an 84. You information on navigating the code worked fantastically. I only had to refer to the index about 6 times. I think that your examination prep questions were a lot more challenging than the actual exam itself. They really prepared me to take the exam. I could tell that the questions were designed so that you learned more than just common generic everyday things. I really feel like I got my monies worth from your workshop.

R. Mann

Thank you for helping me with the transformer calculations over the phone yesterday. I took the test this morning and wanted to provide you with some feedback that you might be able to use in your work. This is from my perspective – keep in mind that I bought the 500 question book but did not take the refresher/review class. The questions were very helpful. My strategy was to use the questions as a tool to get familiar with the code book. By the way, I made 95% on the test.

F. Schlosser

I’d like to let you know that I passed the NC Unlimited exam on the first try after taking this course. I thank you for that.

M. Lander

I wanted to say thanks, I passed my test the first time taking it. The self study material was a big help and a lot of the questions on the test were out of the 500 question package which was pretty cool.

J Bullard

I wanted to thank you for everything in your exam prep course and seminar. Thanks to your program, I passed my limited exam today on the first try with a 91%! Without your program, I likely would have gotten the 64% I got on the first practice exam I took. It was a pleasure to go through this process and meet you, Victor, and I look forward to using JCR for my CE hours in the years to come.

W Drake

I took your workshop in September and tested the first of October for my fire alarm low voltage.  I missed 2 out 0f 50 (96%) thanks to your direction and study tips. My license hangs on my business wall now!
 Thank you for everything!  Your workshop had excellent material and was exactly what I needed to score a 96% on the exam.
[Allen purchased the Low-Voltage All-Inclusive Package]
Allan L

I took JCR Production’s workshop and was able to take a methodical approach to taking the exam. The practice test are the perfect ticket to passing any of the exams. Teaches you how to navigate the code no matter the question they throw at you. I high recommend them!! Great work!

Bryan G

You guys asked me to call when I passed my test. I passed my Low Voltage with a 98%. If anyone asks me advice of where to get their license, I’ll say three letters – JCR.

Dustin McCullough

I just wanted to thank you and Vick for the great class yesterday. As a first timer with JCR I can say that I was very pleased with the material, the presentation and of course the excellent leadership by Mr. Ring.
Thank you for helping to make our profession smarter and better. I look forward to the next opportunity to study with JCR Productions.
Donnie M

Chief Estimator, RTP Electrical Services

Passed the Unlimited with an 85%, Victor Ring!

I’m on top of the world. Thanks for your guidance!

Alan P.

Electrical Division

Victor, just wanted to let you know, I passed the Unlimited exam with a 77%. I have no doubt I would not have passed without your prep course. Look forward to your continuing ed courses in the future.

David M.

I just passed the NC Unlimited Lic.
Your course for me was the course to study.  I got an 83 (in which I averaged, around 75 – 85 on your practice exams)
It is an extremely hard test, with questions, in my opinion, not really worded to how I knew exactly what they were asking, but you study prep, was by far the one to use for test prep. Had to study using it a lot.
Dale H.

Hi Ali,
Glad to report the good news that I passed with an 86!
Thanks for for all your help!
Corky M.

I would like to say how much I enjoyed learning through your method of teaching. It was as you say, “Code Made Simple”. The workbooks are all magnificent. The knowledge I gained helped me to score a 90 on my exam. I wanted to thank you and tell anyone that is going to take this exam, “Go to this seminar. It will make a huge difference in your knowledge and confidence. You will not find a better preparation course anywhere!”

R. Mathis

I wanted to let you know that because of your teaching methods used in your workshop, and your materials, I scored 100% on my examination. I appreciate your professional but simple way of presenting the code and the results that I achieved from your program. Thank you.

J. Collemeyer

I took my Low Voltage exam today and scored a 92%. I finished my exam in 17 minutes and they accused me of cheating! HA! HA! HA!

P. Green

Hi JCR folks!
I just wanted to let you guys know that I passed my unlimited North Carolina electrical exam. I took your self paced online course for the unlimited. I could not have done it without your course. I learned tons as well. Thanks for all your help!

David K.

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that, thanks in part to your excellent study materials, I passed the South Carolina Unlimited exam yesterday with a PERFECT SCORE. Thanks for the great exam prep book. 


I just wanted to thank you for the thoroughness of your prep material. I made an 82 on the practice test that I took the day before. And scored an 83 on the exam. I will be recommending your course to everyone that I know pursuing an electrical license.

Hunter A

I took Your exam prep course in Raleigh back in December and today January 18th I passed my Limited electrical license exam with a 77%. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course and how helpful it was in studying and applying to the actual exam. I will definitely be attending another one in the future when I am ready to upgrade my license. Thanks again Victor I look forward to the next one!

Chris M

JCR Productions,

I want to thank you for allowing me to have continued access to the online videos. Initially, I failed my first attempt scoring a 69%. Then I reached out to your company and requested to continue to have access to the videos, which you guys gladly allowed. With your exceptional instructional program and great customer service, I passed my Unlimited Electrical License Exam with a score of 91%.

Thanks again. Your program will always be highly recommended by me and my organization.

Jason T. Davis

I just wanted to let you and Victor know that I passed my Limited Electrical Contractors Exam this past Tuesday in Asheville! Thank you for the exam prep information, study guides, lessons, and practice questions. The information really helped me out a lot and I appreciate it!

Hope you both have a Happy New Year and let’s hope 2021 treats everyone better!

Jordan H.

Thanks to your workshop, I earned a perfect score of 100% on my examination.

L. Armstrong

I passed!!

I made an 83 on the exam. I couldn’t have done it without JCR. I felt well prepared and confident. Thanks so much for all of the help!! 

Luke W.

You can add another U to your students, Unlimited that is! Thank you for sharing your knowledge on testing strategies and the code that allowed some such as myself the opportunity to pass the Unlimited test the first time. Your reputation within the industry is very apparent. When I finished the exam, the proctor asked if I had attended your workshop. I informed him that I had, and the proctor assured me that you were the BEST IN THE BUSINESS as he handed me my passing score and certificate. Thanks and keep up the good work.

G. Cox

Last Friday, I took the NC Unlimited Exam, and all I can say is “96”. Thank you for all your help… between your 2 day seminar and 500 question booklet, you made the exam very understandable. Thank you again!

R. Schultz

I just wanted to comment on the recent class I attended. AWSOME! I actually like going to the code book now. Your method of teaching was fantastic. I really appreciated not hearing about the best fishin’ holes and who are the best taxidermists in the state. It’s by far the best CE class I have ever attended. Your written test too wasn’t just a walk in the park. I feel I have gotten every pennies worth and more from your course. I will definitely be a repeat student.

Bryan M

Just passed the UL exam yesterday with an 85. Thanks for the great material! It was a wise decision to purchase this course.

M Evans

Thanks to your self study packet, I passed my Idaho master electrician exam with an 85.5 percent. It was worth every penny.

J McHargue

You are a Master Teacher. I learned how your materials really work. With your test I scored 86% and on the State test I scored 86%. Your Electrical Code Workshop material is like a short NEC book, and your 500 Sample Examination Questions are a special value. They really work!

O Gavrilovic

Your instruction is fantastic. I was able to easily pass my single family dwelling test. With an 87.5, I’m taking my limited Thursday because you were correct… I don’t feel fulfilled with just that license. It did save my family financially [and] with my 3 years experience as an electrician and 3 years repairing large machinery, I have become more useful than most guys with fifteen years of experience!


Through the JCR approach of “Code Made Simple,” our clients keep enjoying impressive results. Congratulations to you all!