Reference Books for State Exam(s)

NEC Book

National Electrical Code

Order your National Electrical Code (NEC®). Past editions are available by selecting “Edition” field underneath the price. We recommend ordering the softcover book so that your code book is identical to either what you will be given at the exam or what you are allowed to bring in to the exam.
NFPA 72®

Fire Alarm Code Book

The NFPA-72®: Fire Alarm and Signaling Code Book is required on some exams. Substantial changes were made to the 2013 edition so make sure you choose the correct edition. (NC requires the 2013 edition.)
NASCLA Contractor's Guide

NASCLA® Contractor's Guide

NASCLA® produces material designed to assist with the business and legal questions which may be on your exam or on a secondary state exam. Some NASCLA® books are state-specific. As a general rule, choose the book which is geared to your specific state exam.
PSI Exams Online

Candidate Information Bulletin

PSI publishes a Candidate Information Bulletin on behalf of states who use their testing services. While this bulletin varies state-to-state, it is an important document to download. It will specify what is covered on each exam, what books are required, and often has the state rules and regulations which will be on your exam. Follow the drop-down selections to view your state’s bulletin.

Additional reference books: