I just need an online course for my state CEU’s, what do I do?

Online training courses are available for purchase through JCR Productions, Inc. All courses listed for continuing education have been approved, but not endorsed by, each respective state for the listed hours. Each course has its cost noted and any additional requirements, such as time requirements, that must be met.

course-picture1To sign up for an online course:

Go to jcrproductions.com and select Online Training Center.

Create an account if you haven’t already or go ahead and log in.

Click +Buy New Course or Subscription.

Add your desired courses to your Cart and then select the green Checkout button in the upper right hand corner.

That’s it!  Your course will now be listed in your Course Listing and you can begin at any time.  You can work on your course at any time. Your work is autosaved and you may resume at your convenience.

If you aren’t 100% sure on what your license requires, or want JCR staff to assist you with setting you up with your course, give us a call or start here