Virtual – (4+ CEU) Power Quality (August 17, 2022)



August 17th, 2022 (Wednesday) 12pm-4pm &

4 CEUs or *8 CEUS

The 2020 NEC introduces sweeping revisions for both safety and in meeting the evolving demands of power created by new and affordable technologies. This course reviews fundamentals of what an electrician needs to know to meet the higher levels of efficiency; emphasis on power quality and energy management.


Synchronous Virtual Learning – lecture, discussion of topics, and hands-on problem solving and calculations

Learning Objectives  

  • review fundamental principles of supplied energy and how to assess the current safety of installed electrical systems.  
  • learn alternate and more efficient solutions for problems faced in the field especially as it relates to power management.  
  • learn alternate and more efficient and safe solutions for problems faced in the field. 
  • demonstrate improved navigation skills within the NEC® by getting them actively into the code.
  • learn problem-solving techniques by actively working through mathematical processes required for load and feeder calculations, ampacities, determining appropriate overcurrent protection.

Materials and Instructional Aids National Electrical Code (2020 preferred), Power Quality slides (provided via email). We utilize chat options within Zoom a lot to interact with students. JCR staff are available during the workshop to answer technical questions and assist students and instructor as needed. 


Where: Virtual Zoom Classroom 

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