Texas State Reporting




Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires 4 hours of Continuing Education every year.

Texas requires *Continuing Education to come from: NEC, Safety, and Texas Rules and Regulations

JCR classes are approved and listed with Texas as follows:

  • Review & Renew Code Updates and Changes: 4 hours {NEC 2hr, Safety 1.5hr, Rules .5hr}
  • Detailed NEC Workshop Navigation & Calculations- Day 1: {NEC 8.5hr, Safety 1hr, Rules .5hr}
  • Detailed NEC Workshop Wiring Methods & Grounding- Day 2: 10 hours {NEC 7hr, Safety 1hr, Rules .5hr}

Attendees must sign a Texas roster upon entrance into the workshop and include their License Number.

*to meet all your Texas requirements, you will be provided a 30 minute online course on Texas Rules and Regulations. You must obtain a 70% or higher to receive your certificate of completion.