All Inclusive Low Voltage Learning Package

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All Inclusive Low Voltage Learning Package

This Low Voltage package includes:

  • 2 Day Exam Preparation Workshop Registration (date of your choice)
  • Electrical Licensing Exam Preparation Manual and Instructional Guide especially designed for the Low Voltage exam
  • Low-Voltage Sample Exam Study Book (5 independent tests focused on low-voltage and fire alarm questions) – you choose North Carolina specific or non-state specific which includes NFPA-70E, Safety, questions
  • Unlimited Access to JCR’s exclusive exam preparation channel with a library of over 60 instructional videos
  • Category Specific Questions to test your comprehension within each category of questions (only available in All-Inclusive)

This package is currently priced through 2020 and provides the new manual and online access at no additional cost!  So, if you are serious about your studies and want to get the most out of JCR’s tried-and-true method in preparing for the Speciality Low-Voltage/ Fire Alarm state exam this is the way to go!

Code book is not included (NFPA-70 nor NFPA-72)