2017 Sample Exam Booklet: Non-State specific


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Sample Examination Questions and Answers with References from the 2017 NEC®!
Know where you stand before you attempt your exam. According to the thousands of people who have used this material, the score you make on these sample tests will be within a point or two of your actual score!

These questions test your code knowledge and exam readiness by familiarizing you with examination question styles and formats for the limited through unlimited or master examination classifications. This booklet comes with 5 sample tests similar to what you will be taking for the Limited to Unlimited (Journeyman to Masters) exam. Each test has 100+ questions. Code references accompany each of the five answer sections in each exam study guide.

An additional supplemental test has now been added to this Study Book. The supplement has 75 question based on the NFPA 72®-Fire Alarm and Signaling Code Book.

Questions on the non-state specific sample tests do not include state specific information, such as state administrative rules.