North Carolina Electrical Online Continuing Education (2020 NEC)


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North Carolina Electrical Online Course – 4 CEUs – Electrical License

Review and Renew the NEC®

Grab your 2020 NEC® book and test your knowledge on its subject matter. You pick five categories to review and a growing video collection is available to guide you through the process!

Course Content & Layout

Category #1: NEC Navigation 

Questions and video content focus on how the 2017 and 2020 National Electrical Code is organized. It provides specific strategies for electricians to find Articles and Sections within the document to help them improve their efficiency and accuracy when researching projects in the field.

Category #2: Electrical Theory & 2020 Code Changes 

Questions and video content focus reviewing the why behind code application and focuses on specific changes leading up to the 2020 NEC®; code wide changes to Article 100, Article 110, voltage change, fault current, etc.

Category #3: Motors and Special Locations 

Questions and video content focus on Articles 430: Motors and motor circuits then moves into Chapters 5 and 6 to relate specific code applications relating to generators and hazardous locations.

Materials Required

Learners must have online access to successfully complete this course. A 2020 NEC® book is also recommended.


Upon successful completion within each category, a Submit Course button will appear. Clicking the submit course button sends an email to JCR staff. We will report 4 non-classroom hours to the NC State Electrical Board, and you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion and notification that your hours have been reported.


Remember, in NC, at least 1/2 of your hours must be completed in a classroom. This online course comes free of charge to you with your registration fee for any 4 CEU JCR classroom-based workshop.

Take a peek at the online course content and outline.

If you would like to sign up directly and start your course right now (without waiting for JCR staff to set up your account), you may visit and get started!

North Carolina requires 4 or 8 CEUs every year depending on level of the Electrical license. You may carry-over (or bank) up to 3 years of CEU’s in NC.

For more information, please visit the North Carolina Board for Electrical Contractors.

NOTE:  Please include the last 4 digits of your social on your payment order form for CEU reporting for North Carolina or call our office at 704.696.8555 with the information.