4 CEUs – The Study of Ampacity (2020 NEC)


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Electrical Online Course – 4 CEUs 

Review and Renew the NEC®

Grab your 2020 NEC® book and test your knowledge on its subject matter. This course provides videos on Navigation, Ohm’s Law, and reviewing the fundamentals in the field. Then you will renew your knowledge by answering questions. This is not a pass/fail course but rather you work through it, correcting as you go.

Course Content & Layout

Category #1: Electrical Key Concepts

Category #2: Ampacity

Category #3: Let’s Talk Business

Materials Required

Learners must have online access to successfully complete this course. A 2020 NEC® book is also recommended.

States Covered by this Course

This course is approved for 4 CEUs. You must add additional state reporting to your registration for us to know to report to additional states.


Upon successful completion within each unit, go back to your dashboard the COMPLETE THIS COURSE. We will report 4 non-classroom hours to the appropriate state boards and you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion and notification that your hours have been reported.


Remember, in NC, at least 1/2 of your hours must be completed in a classroom. An online course comes free of charge to you with your registration fee for any 4 CEU JCR classroom-based workshop.

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