What happens if I cannot pass my online course?

That’s the beauty of the new Online Training Center, you will pass your course. Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for your online course
  • You select X number of categories (as required by the state)
  • Each category has X number of questions and videos associated with each learning concept (number of questions is also required by the state)
  • After you finish answering the questions in a category, you may go back and see what you missed!
  • Watch the videos, reference the code (provided on your screen), and correct your answer.

The course is designed for you to LEARN not to pass or fail. While some states require a passing score for you to submit your course for credit, you can do the course over and over again until you succeed. Take advantage of your course and use it to explore new concepts, refresh your knowledge of the code by opening your code book, and use it as the reference guide it was designed to be.