500+ Sample Exam Booklet

This booklet is a great assessment tool. Our *Sample Examination Booklet tests your code knowledge and exam readiness before you take the examination. The booklet contains 5 tests, each with an answer sheet, based on past questions on the state examination. Customers report that familiarizing themselves with the style and format of the questions helps prepare them tremendously.

After studying the material and taking the practice tests, you will know where you stand before you attempt your exam. The score you make on these sample tests will be within a few points of your actual score! Our late founder, Jeff, assisted with writing questions for the NC electrical exam and had this first hand knowledge when creating JCR’s sample exam booklets.

*sample exams should be used as an assessment tool only; study packages can be found here.

*If you will be testing out of state, or testing for a speciality license, we have a variety of examination books based on need.