Self-doubt and lack of confidence are huge inhibitors for many folks wishing to pursue getting their electrical license within their state(s). Let’s face it, many of us were not stellar students in school, and even those of us who were quite studious may be concerned with the gap in our education since graduation. The number one fear we hear at JCR is…mathematics. We often hear, “I don’t do math” or other sayings which equate to one saying, “Math/Calculations scare me, and I don’t think I can do it.”

Reality is that you do mathematical processes everyday. You may not have structured word problems needing your attention, but we all incorporate problem-solving techniques that involve math daily.  So, if math gives you a sense of doom, consider brushing up on some of your math skills. The following three resources are free-of-charge and incorporate the level of math you will need to pass your state electrical exam.  type in Math in the search bar and start developing your skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and square roots) this site is similar to GCF Learn Free in that it covers the skills you need relevant to the exam – it just structures the information in a different way ok, this is a kid’s math game site that my children use; however, games help us to learn in a fun, easy-going way so give it a try!

Jeff’s Article 220: Calculations DVD set does cover Ohm’s Law, single and three-phase formulas, and some basic formulas you will need to know.