We will collect your personal state(s) electrical license information, including log-in information (when applicable) for your state(s) license renewal process. Then we will collect the form of payment you’d like to use. 

We will contact you or your appointed point person via email or phone what continuing education is needed before your state renewal(s) expire. If continuing education was gathered outside of JCR Productions, Inc, we ask that you help inform us of your updated CEUs.

We will do as much of the legwork as possible, but we can only help with the information provided. Please keep us updated if your contact information has changed. 

We require 60 days advanced notice before each state renewal so we can effectively review your personal license requirements. Therefore, if you sign up right before a renewal deadline (less than 60 days), we will not be responsible for the renewal of that state until the following renewal period.

We are not liable for lapsed license(s) and reinstating a lapsed license if attempts were made to contact you beforehand.