Your initial cost is a JCR Productions, Inc maintenance fee. Our maintenance fee is $100 per license renewal. Ex: If the license renewal is due annually, your initial fee is $100 for that state. If the license renewal is due every two years, your initial fee is $50 for that state.

If you have multiple states and requirements, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. Please give us a call and we can either process your initial order for you, or email you an individualized quote so you can have a better picture of your personal state’s license requirements before committing to a subscription.

If your state(s) license has lapsed, is in arrears, or there are additional factors placed by the state(s), you may incur additional charges to pay for state specific additional fees. However, we won’t charge you more on our end, so you won’t see additional charges for your maintenance fee.

Your state(s) established license fee(s) are not factored into your total.