License Management Services

Frequently asked questions

Where do I start!?

Let's get services rolling! Where do we begin? For each state, make a note of: The license type and number Login information to the state board's site (if applicable) If that state license is current or you need help reinstating it Next, you can give us a call! Please...

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What do you need from me?

We will collect your personal state(s) electrical license information, including log-in information (when applicable) for your state(s) license renewal process. Then we will collect the form of payment you’d like to use.  We require time to effectively review your...

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Length of Services

You can have services for as long as you want! Your quote will be for one (1) year of License Management Services from the date of purchase. Your maintenance fee that we established when you signed up will renew annually. But in the case you don’t want services...

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How are payments made?

Payments are made directly from your credit card account as determined by your state's regulations/timelines. There are no unexpected costs as we’ll be in communication with you or your appointed point person when your license renewals and continuing education are...

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How is my cost determined for License Management Services?

Your initial cost is a JCR Productions, Inc *maintenance fee. Our maintenance fee varies from $70 to $250 per license renewal. If you have multiple states and requirements, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. Please give us a call and we can either process your...

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How does License Management Services help me?

Has it got to the point that you require some extra help to maintain your licensing paperwork, but don't currently have the capacity to hire and train someone to learn the in's and out's of your licenses? We made this service is to help you keep up with your state...

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