JCR Guarantee

Our promise to you

Our workshops include two days of solid instruction starting at 8am to 6pm for the first day and 8am to 5pm on the second. We then continue with unlimited phone and email support. We cover eleven electrical code and theory subject matters found on the NC and most other state examinations in detail. They are professionally presented in our trademark method of “Code Made Simple” which allows our students to absorb and take away more understandable material than from any other Electrical Code Workshop anywhere. The excellent results our clients experience speak volumes about JCR’s electrical code training program.

When you attend a JCR presentation, EXPECT RESULTS!

The JCR workbook that each student receives dominates any other examination preparation book. It is currently reported by our clients as being used exclusively and successfully for examination preparation in 32 other states beyond NC! It is fully detailed and guaranteed to be 100% correct and relative with respect to the materials necessary to pass any electrical code based examination. Our workbook not only explains the material in understandable detail, it works out every mathematical process step by step, and through our careful quality control process, it provides the correct answer for every question contained in the book. This one of a kind workbook, along with its professional presentation, are the major reasons that we are able to create and boast a 93% plus pass rate, and we are the only seminar to have ever produced a perfect score on a NC examination. This has actually happened multiple times.

The JCR Examination Guarantee


To pass the examination three things must be present:

1) You must have a knowledgeable and qualified instructor. We guarantee this.

Jeff Rodriquez wrote the actual NC examinations and assisted with the writing of other examinations across the nation. Victor uses this information and his experience as a  qualified and/or licensed in the unlimited or masters level in numerous states and jurisdictions. The examination proctors call us “The Best In The Business”!

2) You must have the best materials on the market. We guarantee this.

JCR materials are created specifically for a specialized JCR seminar and they are so complete that seminar attendees do not need to take notes! Everything that is taught in the workshop is completely detailed in the workbook! The “Code Made Simple” materials contained in the specialized workbook are so complete that they are actually kept for years as a reference guide to the NEC by most of our clients.


3) You must have a motivated student who wants success and is willing to study and commit to nothing less than success. The student must guarantee this.

Due to our standards of excellence, and our continued support and motivation, JCR seminars and products are very effective with at least 93% of our clients passing their examinations.

Our clients’ results speak for themselves. JCR invites you to ask around. You will quickly discover that JCR is by far the best value for your training dollar. We put our heart and soul into our work, and it shows. JCR consistently produces the best passing rates on examinations, the most beneficial continuing education programs available, along with an ultimate customer service experience.

Now with over 75,000 satisfied clients, word of mouth is our best advertisement! Even the examination proctors are amazed by the consistent successes and high passing scores of most JCR clients.

We can help you succeed with your examination attempt. We are professional grade. To review or purchase any of our materials, or to register for one of our success generating workshops…..CLICK HERE!

Respectfully yours,

Carol Rodriquez
JCR Productions, Inc.

“Code Made Simple”