Exam Preparation Class Overview


Detailed NEC® / Exam Preparation Workshop

(including breakdown for Day 1 and Day 2)

Course Syllabus

This is a thorough two-day comprehensive hands-on course for dedicated professionals preparing to take their state’s National Electrical Code exam Journeyman – Master’s license.  (In NC, this course is for individuals testing for their Limited through Unlimited Exam. If you are testing for your Specialty License in Fire Alarm/Low Voltage and/or Single Family Dwelling, this course will cover all you need to know (plus some!) when it comes to the code.) Supplemental information is provided for SP-FA/LV test takers.

TIME: 8am-6pm two days with one hour for lunch ‘on your own’ each day

LOCATIONS: Asheville, Raleigh and North Charlotte, NC


 NEC® Navigation & Organization: (2.5 hours) Article 90 Code Arrangement, the Paralleled Numbering System and other location systems and practices.

Article 220-Electrical Calculations: (6.5 hours) OHM’s Law & theory; Standard & Optional Calculation Methods & Examples; Service, Feeder & Branch Circuit calculations; Derations and sizing requirements for the grounded and ungrounded conductors.


 Chapter 3-General Wiring Methods, Equipment & Terminations: (3 hours) Conductor and equipment installation practices, Conductor Ampacities & Derations, Raceway Fill procedures and allowances, Switchboards & Panelboards, Chapter Three General installation methods.

Article 240-Overcurrent Protection: (1 – 1.5 hours) Appropriate Overcurrent Device Selections for all Voltages, Tap Rules, OCD Locations, GFCI & AFCI Requirements, Fuse & Breaker Usages and Differences.

Articles 312 & 314-Fill Volumes & Pull Dimensions in Boxes: (1 – 1.5 hours) Conductors permitted in Outlet, Device, Pull and Junction Boxes, Pancake Boxes and Conduit Bodies

Article 430-Motors & Motor Circuits: (1.5 hours) Motor Circuit Component Calculations and Sizing for DC, Single Phase and Three Phase Motors.

Chapter Four Involving Appliances, Equipment & Lighting: (1 – 1.5 hours) Luminaires, Appliances, Space Heating Equipment, Air Conditioning Equipment and Transformers.

Article 250-Bonding & Grounding: (2.5 hours) Service and Equipment Bonding & Grounding Requirements, Line and Load Side Identification, Separately Derived Systems, Grounding Electrode Systems, Fault Paths and Fault Clearing, and the overall concept and purpose of bonding & grounding any system.

Chapter 5-Special Occupancies: (1.5 hours) Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs; hazardous locations and emergency systems.

Article 230-Electrical Services: (1 hour) Service Conductors (Overhead, Underground, and Service Entrance), Service Equipment, Service Disconnecting and Service Overcurrent.