As a general rule, we report your hours within 1 business day of your attending a JCR workshop. In cases where the class ends at 4pm, we report NC the same day. Some states require for us to report the day after a workshop (such as Ohio). You can confirm that all your state reporting is being reported when you get a certificate of completion for that state. (Therefore, if you don’t get a certificate for a state, we didn’t have it noted that you needed that state!)

Tip: We recommend you do your complimentary online course before you renew your license. When you renew your license, NC will use your continuing education hours as part of your “payment” for your renewal. If you happen to have a mix of classroom hours and non-classroom hours in your bank, they will take half of your classroom and half of your non-classroom – so you don’t have to worry that in one renewal all of your in person hours get used!

Even if you online course isn’t required for your renewal hours, take advantage of it and bank your extra hours for the following year!