As a general rule, we report your hours within 1 business day of your attending a JCR workshop. In cases where the class ends at 4pm, we report NC the same day. Some states require for us to report the day after a workshop (such as Florida) so, again, 1 business day max! You will receive verification that all your reporting has been complete via email within one week following a workshop. This is done after every single person in the class has been reported and all issues with individual licenses have been resolved.

If you want to maximize your CE hours and are planning on completing the Online Correspondence Course included with your workshop purchase to fulfill your required hours, you need to submit your answers to JCR Productions, Inc. and receive your score before renewing your license with the board.

Even if you online course isn’t required for your renewal hours, take advantage of it and bank your extra hours for the following year! Basically, we are providing 2 years of CEU’s for the price of 1!