Let me make sure I’m taking advantage of what JCR has to offer.

Are you here to prepare for your electrical examination?

Whether you are testing for a Limited through Unlimited license or a Speciality license, we have a variety of materials for you to chose from. Our packages allow you to become familiar with the material you will be encountering on your exam. You can begin your studies as soon as you receive the materials and use the workshop as a way to fill-in-the gaps and further your comprehension and practice. We can provide you with our Instructional Manual, our Sample Exam Book, and a Sample Study Schedule to assist you with your studies.

Start here to review over our study packages.

Are you here to gain some continuing education credits?

North Carolina currently requires 8 credits every year of continuing education with the option to “bank” up to three years of credit (24 CEU).

We currently offer 4 CEU and 8 CEU credits with our Power Quality and 2020 Code Changes workshop. If you feel you need a more intensive course alongside our exam preparation students, you can join them for a 10 CEU, or 20 CEU workshop.

If you are licensed in more than one state, let JCR Productions help you with your continuing education in up to 26 additional states. We will need to know what additional states you require before your scheduled workshop.

I’m ready to sign up for a workshop. What are the upcoming dates?

Our full workshop schedule outlining all continuing education and exam preparation workshops can be found here.