Are you here to prepare for your electrical examination?
Invest in your exam study efforts! You can tailor your learning experience by the level of license on which you are testing and the code edition on which you are studying.  We have achieved a 90% pass rate and several perfect scores by teaching our students how to navigate the National Electrical Code and by simplifying applications and methods for calculations, motors & motor circuits, Ohm’s Law, and all other mathematical processes. Our online library adds to your learning options and now includes videos covering the NFPA-72 Fire Alarm Signaling code book.
NC plans to begin testing on the 2020 NEC March 2022; plan your studies accordingly.

Option 1: In-Person – starting at $575

Do you learn best through hands-on, face-to-face instruction? Our two-day workshop covers navigating the code book and delves into practicing the mathematical processes and areas of the code on which you will be tested. When you choose the In-Person option, you will receive the Instructional Manual and access to Online Videos at the time of your registration. We want you to start studying!  You will have the option to purchase the corresponding sample exam booklet, permanent code book tabs, and business course. You will also be able to select any specialty license options you may need. Using our method of Code Made Simple and practicing in class you will be able to fill in any gaps for a richer learning experience.Here is some information about the break-down of the course.  

Option 2: Self-Study – starting at $375

Are you a self-directed learner? Get all the above without the addition of a two-day workshop. 


Here are a few additional links to you may find helpful:
Since every individual studies with varying experiences and abilities, we offer a variety of methods to support your learning style.  We look forward to helping you with your educational needs.
Are you here to gain some continuing education credits?

North Carolina currently requires 8 credits every year (4 for speciality licenses) of continuing education with the option to “bank” up to three years of credit (24 or 12 CEU).

Power Quality and 2020 Code Changes – In Person or Virtual

Detailed NEC Workshop – In Person

Electrical Business Management & Safety – Virtual

If you are licensed in more than one state, let us know what state’s we are reporting to.

If you need more assistance with maintaining all your licenses and licensing requirements, call us about License Management Services.

I’m ready to sign up for a workshop. What are the upcoming dates?

Our full workshop schedule outlining all continuing education and exam preparation workshops can be found here.