Confused about what code to follow?

On February 15th, the Building Code Council noted that effective June 12th, 2018, the state of North Carolina would officially adopt the 2017 NEC®. The Board’s exams have included 2017 NEC® questions effective October 1st, 2018. So those of you prepping for your exam, keep in mind you will be testing on the 2017 code.

If you’re currently licensed, North Carolina is still implementing the 2017 NEC®, but plans to update to the 2020 NEC® soon! Keep up to date on what code North Carolina and other states are following at

We have continued to modify our workshops to ensure that you get all of the information you’ll need for either Continuing Education or Exam Preparation needs. If you have any questions regarding your materials and plans for study, please call our office at 704.696.8554.