I forgot to ask you to submit my hours to one of my states. Can you still submit it so I can get credit for my hours?

This is a not-so-uncommon problem that we face as a CEU provider. Reality is that as a provider, we are under strict administrative reporting guidelines. While each state is very different, most states require the provider to report your hours within 7 to 14 days of your completion of the course (whether by workshop or online).  Unfortunately, there is no central database which allows us to see all the states in which you hold a license, so all we can do is ask what states you would like us to report to and go from there.

By all means, give us a call and we can check the state guidelines as far as reporting if you are past your course completion date.

Also, if you recently obtained your electrical license in a state, you can only use CE credit that was obtained after you received your license. No CE credit can by used for a time period before you were a license holder.