I forgot my password and cannot access my account.

If you have already set up and verified an account through the Online Training Center, login using your username and password you established when you set up the account. If you cannot remember your account information OR you did not verify your account within a 12 hour period of time from setting up your account, you may need to send us a quick email (info@jcrproductions.com) or give us a call (704.696.8555/8554), and we can reset it for you. You already have an account, so going through the entire process of setting up another account can be more problematic than it’s worth.

If you forgot your password, but remember all the other stuff, you will find a “Forgot my Password” link below the green “Sign In” button on the “I Already Have an Account” side of the page. That will allow you to verify your account through your email and establish a new password.