How do I know my hours have been submitted?  I finished my class online and submitted my results. Now what do I do? 

ONLINE: JCR Staff will submit your hours to your state board within 1 business day of your submitting your results. We make every effort to record your hours with the respective board(s) on the same day as receipt of the notification. You will notified that we have completed your state submission via email which will also include your certificate of completion.

WORKSHOP: As a general rule, we report your hours within 1 business day of your attending a JCR workshop. In cases where the class ends at 4pm, we report the same day. Some states require for us to report the day after a workshop (such as Florida) so, again, 1 business day max! You will receive verification that all your reporting has been complete via email within one week following a workshop. This is done after every single person in the class has been reported and all issues with individual licenses have been resolved.

We pride ourselves on a very efficient and fast turn-around time for reporting your hours. However, if you are under a very tight timeline for your license renewal, we would love to know just so we can make sure your hours are prioritized for reporting purposes!