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JCR Productions, Inc. provides materials to facilitate the educational growth of the Electrical Industry. We provide seminars, multimedia, and workbooks to promote our motto of “Code Made Simple”.

Our Exam Preparation Course is known throughout the state of North Carolina as being the most effective way to pass the exam.  The secret?  Your instructor, Jeff Rodriquez, has over 30 years of expertise in teaching the National Electrical Code and helps make the code simple for you to navigate, understand and master.  In addition, he helps you work out calculation programs and any items which may challenge you while taking your state exam.  JCR Productions has a 93% pass rate for students of his class.  

If you are committed to studying the materials provided within the workshop and have scored an 80% or higher on the practice examinations, than JCR Productions, Inc. is confident that you will pass the exam. 

Here’s a detailed description of the Exam Preparation Course.

Do you have questions regarding what to expect for your class and/or what is covered on each exam? Most students coming through our 2 day course are testing for the North Carolina license; however, Jeff’s course covers the 2017 NEC®.  So, if you are testing on the 2017® code, this is the class for you!  Here is an overview of some different states’ exams and what they cover.

We sincerely appreciate our clients who promote and pursue the development of a professional electrical trade!


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What’s up with the 2020 NEC?

Although their update process is underway, North Carolina has not released definitive dates as to when the state board plans on formally adopting the 2020 NEC. However, our Review and Renew including NEC Changes courses now integrate both the 2017 and 2020 code to prepare you for changes yet to come.

What Code do I use for North Carolina?

Confused about what code to follow? On February 15th, the Building Code Council noted that effective June 12th, 2018, the state of North...

“I don’t do math”

Math Self-doubt and lack of confidence are huge inhibitors for many folks wishing to pursue getting their electrical license within their...


Your NC examination will include questions from 4 main sources, listed below. We suggest you have these books for your studying needs:

  • Current National Electrical Code (2017) – OPEN BOOK
  • NFPA-72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code Book (2013 or newer) – OPEN BOOK
  • NASCLA Contractor’s Guide to Business, Law, and Project Management – CLOSED BOOK
  • NC Board Rules and Licensing Law and the Lighting Plan, as printed in the Electrical Contractor’s Examination Candidate Bulletin – CLOSED BOOK (a lighting plan will be provided at the time of the exam)

Tips to successful studying (using the Study Exam Book):

  1. Review the Table of Contents for both the NEC® and NFPA-72®. Understand the basic flow of these documents. Breakdown the content by using the method set forth in our Exam Preparation Workshop or our content on “Navigating the NEC®.”
  2. Take Test One in this practice booklet. Have your 2017 NEC® and NFPA-72® books with you since you will have these books at the time of your test. Also, have a notebook with you for calculations. Skip and/or highlight a question if you have no idea how to solve it or find it.  If you think you may know the correct answer, try to answer or solve the problem. You may be understanding a partial process. This comprehension may help you to move beyond that process in your studies while showing you where you are going astray in your mathematical process.
  3. Take the time to evaluate your Test One results completely by looking up references to the questions located at the end of the test. What themes do you see? Does one Article or Table keep coming up?
  4. Make a list of areas both within the code and in the other materials that you need to focus your studies.
  5. Review in the Electrical Contractor’s Examination Candidate Bulletin how many questions you will have in each category. All are important, but you want to make sure you are focusing your energy appropriately.
  6. Read NASCLA’s Contractor’s Guide.
  7. Read the NC rules and laws.
  8. If you have taken JCR’s Exam Preparation Workshop, review your notes for the sections in which you are struggling. Supplement your studying with DVD’s or electrical books, if needed.
  9. Reevaluate where you need to focus your studies and concentrate on those areas needing the most attention using Tests Two and Three. Repeat the steps as needed. Be careful to not memorize any questions or answers. Understand how to FIND the answers. These questions may be similar to what you will be asked on the state exam, but they are not from the state exam. You must understand how to navigate the code book(s) and how to perform the calculations as directed.
  10. The Supplemental Test in this book has questions which span the breadth of the NFPA-72®: Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Answer the questions, navigate through the book, and become familiar with its content and layout.
  11. Reserve Test Four and Test Five as your “Am I Ready?” exam. Time yourself (6 hours), have your appropriate books available, and go to a quiet testing area with a calculator and a notepad.

The information above is provided as a guide to help you (1) use this study book as a tool in your study process; and (2) help you to focus your study habits in a positive (not overwhelming) manner. Study well and make it happen!