Exam Preparation Study Options

Appropriate for any state testing on the National Electrical Code

North Carolina 2020 NEC Exams are projected to start March 1st, 2022.

See the status on the 2020 NEC adoption here


Limited, Intermediate, Unlimited, Master Level

Low Voltage, Single Family Dwelling, Plumbing & Heating, Electrical Sign

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What Study Option Is Right For Me?

Why might I pick this option:

  • I’m a self-directed learner and manage time well
  • I need time to dig-in to the materials and absorb the information
  • It makes me more anxious to have a set time schedule
  • I’m out of state and travel is a barrier right now
  • I’m a visual learner and need to see what I’m studying
  • I want to focus on the specifics of my Speciality License
  • I’m not sure when I want to sign up for a workshop yet
  • I want to build my own self-study package and do not need the live, in-person workshop


Why might I pick this option:

  • I’m good with a schedule and deadline- study, workshop, exam
  • I need the structure of a workshop
  • I’m an auditory learner and need to hear what I’m learning
  • I’ve already studied the specifics of my Speciality License
  • A live workshop will give me motivation and focus
  • I want to be able to ask my questions in person to the instructor
  • I enjoy the traditional student-teacher classroom experience
  • I want to build my own study program to include the live, in-person workshop


I am pleased to let you know that I passed my Michigan exam due to the training provided by JCR Productions and their excellent instructor.

Houston Baker

Hey! I just wanted you to know that, thanks in part to your excellent study materials, I passed the SC UNLIMITED exam yesterday with a PERFECT SCORE. Thanks for the great exam prep book.

Chip B

Thanks to your self study packet, I passed my Idaho master electrician exam with an 85.5 percent. It was worth every penny.

J McHargue

I want to get my NC electrical license. What do I need to do?

What level of license do I want? Wondering where to start? The first thing you need to do is understand the scope of the licensing options and the level of experience needed to qualify to test for that level of license (Limited, Unlimited, etc). In NC, all that...

Studying for the NC Exam?

Studying for the NC Exam? Look no further! Here you can find helpful studying tips and studying materials that you need!

“I don’t do math”

Math Self-doubt and lack of confidence are huge inhibitors for many folks wishing to pursue getting their electrical license within their state(s). Let's face it, many of us were not stellar students in school, and even those of us who were quite studious may be...

Contractor Business and Law Focus

I need some help with learning and preparing for the Contractor Business and Law questions for my state exam. What do you have available? Each state has different requirements for their state exam.  However, most include contractor business related questions to ensure...

Exam Preparation Online

I want to take an electrical exam preparation course. What do you have available online? If you are testing for an NEC based exam we have an online course for you!  You can order the course (and it comes with an accompanying study book) by calling the office at...

What books do I need to study for the Electrical Exam?

North Carolina One of the best sources of information comes from the Electrical Contractors Examination Candidate Information Bulletin downloadable here or from the North Carolina Electrical Board website. This bulletin not only provides the forms you will need to...