“Code Made Simple” Background

Our late founderJeff Rodriquez, was known for his strong foundation in the National Electrical Code. He was able to develop this “Code Made Simple” learning environment with his 30 years of insight and applicability in the code. Continuing on in his legacy, Victor Ring offers code instruction using the same “Code Made Simple” method. Our two-day Exam Preparation Workshop is known throughout the state of North Carolina as being the most effective way to pass the exam with a 93% passing rate for our students! 

How the materials are used

Electrical Exam Preparation Manual & Instructional Guide: We created this to help walk you through your studies step-by-step. Our established Study Plan will outline your studies for about 1-2 hours daily over the next 4-6 weeks. The intention is for you to study prior to coming through the workshop and use the class time to reinforce concepts, answer questions, and fill-in any gaps of knowledge before you test.

Online Video Libraries: Our video libraries are to be in conjunction with your Manual and Study Plan. As you read over each concept you will be given the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge on the topic with video examples. We know that with a variety of learning styles, we must create a variety of teaching methods!

Sample Exam Booklet: This book has been widely known in the electrical industry. Your booklet contains 5 sample tests and a test covering NFPA-72 (non-state specific version is on NFPA-70E). Become familiar with the formatting of questions on your Electrical State Exam and know where you stand before you attempt your exam. The scores you get with our sample tests will be within a point or two of your actual score.

Electrical Business Management & Safety Virtual Workshop: This 6 hour course models the building of an electrical company from one person to 15+ to show the growth in need for planning, insurance, ethical practice and fiscal responsibility, proper estimating and bidding, and employee management. The course ends with a review and discussion on OSHA and NFPA-70E considerations for electrical safety and safe practice standards. Invest in your career and start your business off strong!

NEC and NFPA Permanent Book Tabs: The North Carolina Electrical Board has voted to allow candidates to bring their own reference materials for use during examinations. JCR Productions, Inc would like to assist you with taking advantage of that fact! We have formatted tabs in-house for you to label your reference materials. This grouping of permanently affixable tabs cover all articles in Chapters 1 – 4 of the NEC and all major articles and sections in the NFPA-72.

Students testing for the North Carolina license are currently testing on the 2020 NEC®, however, we offer material which is relevant for 2014 and 2017 code based exams offered in other states. Let us know your specific requirements when ordering your materials.

Starting in 2022 every student who makes an Exam Preparation purchase with us, even just a workshop, will have our Electrical Exam Preparation Manual mailed out to them. Our intention is to have everyone study prior to coming through a workshop with Victor. You can then use the workshop to reinforce concepts, answer questions, and fill-in any gaps of knowledge before you test. It is essentially a Create-Your-Own package where you can chose what additional study materials to add on and tailor your learning experience.

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