I want to take an electrical exam preparation course. What do you have available online?

If you are testing for an NEC based exam we have an online course for you!  You can order the course (and it comes with an accompanying study book) by calling the office at 704.696.8555.

Currently, we have an online supplemental resource that comes with our All Inclusive Packages. This includes our growing video library and practice questions within each category of the code mirroring your state exam.

Online courses appeal to many of us since we are able to focus our studies at times convenient for us as working professionals. However, if you have never taken a state electrical exam before, or if you have taken one and were not successful, we strongly encourage you to invest in yourself by attending one of Victor Ring’s Exam Preparation Workshops. Online courses and study aides are a great supplement for your learning, but there is nothing like in-person training as it relates to the practical application of connecting your skills in the field to the licensing exam.

Exam Preparation Program