Asheville, NC – Electrical Exam Preparation Workshop

Date(s) - 03/24/2021 - 03/25/2021
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Comfort Suites at Outlet Center


Price: $575.00 – 8am to 6pm on Wednesday & Thursday

(Please Arrive by 7:45 am. Lunch is ‘on your own’ from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm.)

Our NEC Electrical Exam Preparation Course is known throughout the state of North Carolina as being the most effective way to pass the NC Electrical Exam. The secret? Our founder’s expertise coupled with our knowledgeable instructor, Victor Ring. With his professional experience and real world examples from working in the field, Vic brings a renewed enthusiasm for the electrical code helping you to connect your field-based knowledge with the formal state exam. In addition, he helps you work through calculations, study plans, and any items which may challenge you.  JCR Productions is proud to have our 93% pass rate for students who follow our method.

If you want to make a solid step into your electrical career, this is the workshop for you. This class is appropriate for any state exam based on the 2014 and 2017 NEC®. (North Carolina is not expected to start testing on the 2020 code until mid 2021; however, we will transition this class as appropriate.)

Where: Comfort Inn @ Outlet Center
890 Brevard Rd,
Asheville, NC 28806
Hotel Phone: 828-665-4000
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This course is a 2 day in-classroom workshop blended with our online supplemental resources to help you succeed. In addition to your time learning with Victor, we have developed an additional take home self-study plan. You will be receiving an Instructional Manual which is accompanied by an online library of videos featuring your instructor, Victor Ring, and our founder, Jeff Rodriquez. These videos are your opportunity to learn from Victor and Jeff in a private setting to work through calculations, problem-solving techniques, various NEC® related topics and questions at your own pace.

All-Inclusive Package

To Upgrade Your Workshop and Start Studying Now! Check out our All-Inclusive Study Package also available for Specialty Licenses (SP/FA-LV, SFD, SP-PH). Our All-Inclusive Exam Preparation Package is a wonderful investment into your education. This 2 Day Exam Preparation Workshop is included in the package with all materials sent to you ahead of time. Also included is our industry famous 500+ Sample Exam Book curated by JCR Productions Inc. which grants you access to additional category-specific questions through our Online Training Center. To learn more about the different exam preparation options available, visit our Exam Preparation Page outlining packages and descriptions on additional supplemental products.

If you already hold an electrical license this class can also be taken for 20 classroom CEUs within the state of North Carolina (you will be provided with an additional online course to obtain the full 24 CEUs) with Additional State CEU Reporting Available.

NEC Code Book(s) is not included but though our Reference Material Bookstore we have a link over to the NFPA Site.


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Course Outline


Navigating the Electrical Code: 

  • Code Made Simple Method for Understanding and Navigating the NFPA-70 
    • History, Chapters and Articles, Arrangement and Format 
    • Definitions in the Code, Code Requirements, Annex
    • Introduction of the Paralleled Numbering System
    • Clarification of Terminology including neutral vs. grounded conductor
    • Foundational Concepts within NEC (i.e. math formulas, safety percentages, and occupancies)

Passing the NEC Electrical Exam: 

  • A proven method to passing the state electrical licensing exam
    • Having a plan, Learning the Code, Time Management, etc. 

Ohm’s Law and Review of Electrical Calculations: 

  • Key Points for Articles 110 (Requirements) and 200 (Identification of Grounded Conductors)
  • Review of Articles 210 (Branch Circuits) and 215 (Feeders) including ground fault protection and continuous load
  • Code-Wide Factors, Single-Phase Formula, Three-Phase Formula, Required Considerations

Branch Circuit, Feeder, and Service Load Calculations: 

  • Article 220 is completely reviewed including: 
    • General Lighting Loads and Receptacle Loads and Derations
    • Motor loads, Heating loads, Non-dwelling Kitchen Loads
    • Dwelling Appliance Loads and Derating
    • Neutral Sizing & Neutral Derating
    • Optional Dwelling Calculation
    • Multi-family Dwelling Calculation


Outside Branch Circuits and Feeders:

  • Parts of Article 225 and 230: 
    • Conductor Size, Support, and Spacing
    • Location, Grouping, Rating, and Sizing of Disconnects
    • Clearances over buildings
    • Ground Fault Protection of Equipment

Overcurrent Protection: 

  • Parts of Article 240: 
    • Key Points
    • Standard OC Device Ratings
    • High Voltage

Bonding and Grounding: 

  • Parts of Articles 200 & 250:
    • Use and Identification of Grounded Conductor
    • Electrodes Permitted for Grounding and Grounding Electrode Conductor Sizing
    • Review of Tables in 250

Wiring Methods, Wire Bending, and Cable Tray: 

  • Key Points of Article 300 including Burial Depths
  • Study of Ampacity including Conductor Tables and Conductor Ampacities
  • Articles 312 and 314 practicing wire bending spaces, box fill, counting conductors, and pull boxes
  • Articles 376, 378, 390, 392, and Chapter 9 to cover Cable Tray Fill, Conduit and Tubing Fill, Wireway, and Panelboards

Equipment Covered in Chapter 4: 

  • Space heating Equipment
  • Motors and Motor Circuits
  • A/C Equipment
  • Transformers

Book of Specials (Chapters 5, 6, & 7): 

  • Hazardous classified locations referencing Tables 505 & 506
  • Healthcare Facilities, 
  • Mobile Homes and Park Trailers, 
  • Floating Buildings and Marinas
  • Cranes and Hoists
  • Pools and Fire Pumps 

Flow and Navigation of the NFPA-72 (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code): 

  • Code Organization and Layout
  • Components of Systems, Appliances, and Devices
  • Interface of Systems
  • Alarm systems types

Business Management and Law: 4:40pm-5pm

  • Elements to a business, types of businesses, insurance, bonds, estimating, business forms and bookkeeping, and permits