Exam Preparation/Detailed NEC Workshop

Exam Preparation = Both days

Continuing Education = Day 1, Day 2, or Both days

Our Detailed NEC Workshop is focused for those preparing for their state license and will cover what you need to know for your electrical examination. Those preparing for their state exam will be attending both Day 1 and Day 2.

NC Exams are planning to change to the 2023 NEC by summer of 2024

(plan your studies accordingly)

NEW Examination Guidelines for North Carolina

Currently licensed electricians should be aware that this class is focused on the current code that the state is testing on and may not provide current practices in the field.

Day 1

Code Navigation Methods – Commonly Referenced Sections

Basic Code Requirements – Remembering Code Articles

Science of Electricity – Bonding & Grounding

Ohm’s Law – Branch Circuit, Feeder, & Service Load Calculations

Standard vs Optional Calculations 


Day 2

Conductors for General Wiring – Wire Bending – Box & Conduit Body Fill

Cable Tray Fill, Switches, & Wireways – Fixed Electric Space Heating

Motors & Motor Circuits – Additional Equipment – Highlight & Interpret

Branch Circuits & Feeders – Overcurrent Protection – Book of Specials

NFPA-72 – Business Management & Law