damaged cableDo you need 10* hours of classroom learning for your continuing education credit?

(*This class is approved for 10 CEUs in 23 states. NC has approved this class for 8 CEUs.)

Join us for Day 1 or Day 2 of our Detailed NEC Workshop from 7:30am-6pm and update your knowledge while fulfilling your continuing education requirements.

Both of these courses (Day 1 and Day 2) provide 8 hours of CE in North Carolina, 10 hours in Ohio and 3 hours in Virginia.

Additional States CEU Reporting Options


Day 1 of our Detailed NEC Training Workshop focuses on NEC navigation & organization and electrical calculations. Each section is complete with review questions and answers.

NEC Navigation & Organization: Article 90 Code Arrangement, the Paralleled Numbering System and other location systems and practices.

Article 220-Electrical Calculations: OHM’s Law & theory; Standard & Optional Calculation Methods & Examples; Service, Feeder & Branch Circuit calculations; Derations and sizing requirements for the grounded and ungrounded conductors.

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Day 2 of our Detailed NEC Training Workshop is geared for electrical professionals who feel comfortable working within the NEC book but need focus on various practices encountered on the job including: Article 240-Overcurrent Protection; Articles 312 & 314-Fill Volumes and Pull Dimensions on Boxes; Article 430-Motors and Motor Circuits; Chapter 4-Appliances, Equipment & Lighting; Bonding & Grounding, Special Occupancies and Electrical Services.

Chapter 3-General Wiring Methods, Equipment & Terminations: Conductor and equipment installation practices, Conductor Ampacities & Derations, Raceway Fill procedures and allowances, Switchboards & Panelboards, Chapter Three General installation methods.

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