2020 Single Family Dwelling Exam Preparation Online Course

To be used in conjunction with the 2020 Instructional Manual. When you register for any exam preparation course, you will be mailed the corresponding Instructional Manual to guide you through the code and calculations. If ordered, you will also receive the Sample Exam Book to help assess when you are ready to test, labels to tab your 2020 NEC and NFPA-72, and/or instructions for your business course.

You will need to order your 2020 NEC (code book). Please order the softbound version directly from a reputable source (such as NFPA.org).

About Course

Course Benefits
  • N Demonstrate improved navigation skills within the NEC®.
  • N Understand theoretical principals behind the NEC®.
  • N apply problem-solving techniques by actively working through mathematical processes required for performing all calculations required within the code.
  • N Develop alternate and more efficient and safe solutions for problems faced in the field; safety and OSHA compliance.
  • N Distinguish what exam questions are asking and apply the correct answers from the NFPA.

Course Curriculum

Getting You Started
These videos are prerequisite's before you get in to the real work!

  • Electrical Key Concepts

Unit 1: Document Organization and Usage
Work through Unit 1 of your Instructional Manual then test yourself on your comprehension.

Unit 2: Ohm’s Law Definitions and Formulas
Work through Unit 2 in your Instructional Manual following the manual's guidance to work through this material.

Unit 3: Electric Ranges and Other Cooking Appliances

Unit 4: Standard Dwelling & Occupancy Loads

Unit 5: Feeder Neutral Loads & Derations

Unit 6: Optional Dwelling Calculations

Unit 7: Electrical Services

Unit 8: Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection

Unit 9: Grounding and Bonding

Unit 10: Test Tips and Areas of Attention

Unit 11: Study of Ampacity

Unit 12: Boxes and Fittings

Unit 13: Raceways, Switchboards, Panelboards, and Wire Bending

Unit 14: Appliances, Equipment, and Lighting

Unit 15: Motors and Controllers

Unit 16: Transformers

Unit 17: Special Occupancies

Unit 18: Special Conditions and Fixture Wires

Unit 19: NFPA 72 – Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

Unit 20: Construction Management