Florida Business Practices

  • Last Update June 15, 2022


This general overview of common business practices for Florida covers all the necessary information needed for your 1 CE for business. However, for JCR to report your CEUs, you must also complete the additional online course in which you are enrolled. Florida has approved our online course as a bundle and both NEC and Business must currently be completed for us to report your hours.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

Business Planning and Management?

In Florida, state statutes govern and control the establishment and operation of the general forms of business organizations, such as partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations, and to a certain extent, sole proprietorships. It is critical that individuals determine and define their business and their responsibilities within that business clearly.
NASCLA Business Structures8:53
Name a structure, any structure
Contract Elements1:45
Lock it Up!
Assurance with Insurance
Are you surety?
Florida Electrical