I cannot login to my account. What do I do?

Let’s answer some questions and figure this out together:

#1: Have you taken a workshop with Victor within the past 60 days? If yes, go to #5. If no, go to the next question.home

#2: Have you created an account using the left side of the main screen? This side says, “I am new to JCR’s Online Training Center?” If yes, go to #4. If no, go to the next statement.

#3: Create your account by filling in all requested information. This information will be used to report your continuing education units to respective states, if applicable, so it’s important that you fill it all in. Also, make a note of your username and password, you will need this going forward to log in to your account.

#4: You will receive a verification email with a link you need to follow to activate your account. This email needs to be responded to within 24 hours of it being sent so try and verify it right away. If you verified your account but cannot login, go to question #6. If you have not verified your account, do that now and login using your username and password.

#5: If you recently took a workshop with Victor…a complimentary online course is available for your completion within 60 days of taking the class. This information was emailed to you the same day as your workshop confirmation. If for some reason it was not set up or you can’t find your email, call or email our office and we’ll get you all set up. You will not need to verify your account, simply login with the information provided in the email we will send you. (704.696.8555/info@jcrproductions.com)

#6: You’ve verified your account but it’s not letting you login? Are you using the right hand side of the screen that states, “I Already Have An Account”? Are you entering in your full username and password as you entered it into the form OR we sent you in the email provided?

#7: OK…we’re all stumped. You’re going to have to talk with someone directly at the office so we can straighten it out for ya! No worries, just send us a message by email at info@jcrproductions.com or phone us at 704.696.8555 and we will take care of it for you. We apologize for this inconvenience and frustration; however, sometimes we just need to just pause and ask for help…