Electrical Professional Code Compliance Group (EPCCG)

EPCCG: An Association for Professionals in the Electrical Industry

JCR Productions, Inc is directly affiliated with the Electrical Professional Code Compliance Group (EPCCG). The EPCCG is an Association of Membership trade organization comprised of individuals who have participated in JCR’s workshops, as well as additional interested parties who express a collective desire for accurate code conformity.

JCR Productions, Inc students are a member in the Electrical Professional Code Compliance Group (EPCCG) for one full year.  During this year, JCR Productions, Inc offers free consultation with Victor Ring following your attendance to a JCR Productions, Inc workshop.


The EPCCG was created in 2007 for the purpose of bringing the professional concerns and opinions of our members from the shadows to an active forefront for improvement. This can only be achieved through an active group of concerned professionals with a vested interest in the direction and condition of our trade. If YOU are one of these concerned professionals, you should join the EPCCG to discover the difference that you can make while enjoying its many other professional benefits.

About the Program Director

Victor Ring, EPCCG Program Director of JCR Productions, Inc, continues in Jeff’s legacy by incorporating the “Code Made Simple” methods and his 20+ years of electrical experience in his instruction. Victor is not only qualified as an Unlimited License holder in North Carolina, but is recognized and approved as a Continuing Education Instructor and Code Consultant in numerous states and jurisdictions.