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TeacherWhat is JCR’s secret?

For over 30 years, we have been grounded in the electrical code. We teach you methods the code experts use which makes the NEC Code Book easy for anyone. By helping you understand our tried-and-true method of navigating the code, and putting it into practice with our in-house materials, you are learning how to successfully pass your exam and implement such success into your daily practice.

Our “Code Made Simple” method in all our courses is based on Jeff Rodriquez’s approach to electrical training that leaves you with an understanding of how to personally progress as an electrical professional. JCR Productions, Inc. has assisted thousands in reaching their goals.

We sincerely aim for your success and provide all the material, support, and direction to foster your advancement. Your success is our success. We are always here for you.

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North Carolina Board Instructor of the Year

Victor H. Ring

NEC® Consultant / Instructor / Author / Unlimited Electrical Contractor
The presenter for JCR Productions, Inc. is Victor Ring of Franklin, NC. Victor had been a student of Jeff’s for 20 years. Owing his love for teaching to Jeff Rodriquez’s methods of instruction, Victor now serves as JCR Production’s primary instructor helping to bridge his field knowledge base with formal code learning. Prior to joining the JCR Team, Victor led instructional content at his private company, V. H. Ring Electric, where he also serves as the Unlimited Qualifier. Attributing his staunch delivery of material to his experience while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, Vic brings a renewed enthusiasm for the electrical code.


Jeffrey & Carol Rodriquez

Jeff, alongside his wife, Carol, founded JCR Productions, Inc. as a way to better educate electricians in becoming invested and grounded in the electrical code. On September 26th, 2019, Jeff passed away after on-going health problems added to complications from his surgery. In preparation for Jeff taking a step back from the classroom, prior to his passing, he made arrangements for a phenomenal instructor, Victor Ring, to step in and work his Code Made Simple strategies.

Jeff Rodriquez, former EPCCG Program Director and President of JCR Productions, Inc, had worked within the electrical industry for 43 years in multiple capacities. He held multiple Unlimited and Master license qualifications, served as a Chief Inspector, Field and Examinations Supervisor for the NC State Electrical Board, was a contributing editor to multiple trade publications, and a full-time electrical code consultant for 30 years.

Carol has now taken the reigns and is dedicated to keeping JCR going in Jeff’s honor.


Ali Stutts, MA Ed

Ali Stutts, MA Ed

Educational Director

Ali has worked with the company since 2015 helping to translate the magic Jeff created in the classroom to both the online and printed environment. Ali is an Instructional Strategist which simply means that she helps learners to learn in the best way they can. Led to helping nontraditional adult learners gain greater confidence and direction through coaching and motivational support, Ali strives to sync classroom and online teaching with adult learning methods intended for all types of learners. Committed to a universal design for learning, she incorporates an empathetic push to help move all adults forward toward meeting their goals. The Exam Preparation Manuals were written using this universal design for learning with the intention of helping each student follow the directions and strategies in their studies.


Rebecca Noyes

Rebecca Noyes

Continuing Education Coordinator

Rebecca joined JCR Productions, Inc in 2020. She has taken the role of understanding your continuing education needs. This has also helped translate into our unique service of License Management Services – helping those with multiple licenses juggle each states varying requirements and due dates. With a background in education and social work, learning and teaching licensed electricians how to best coordinate their licenses is a passion of hers.