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Victor H. Ring

NEC® Consultant / Instructor / Author / Unlimited Electrical Contractor
Victor Ring of Franklin, NC, had been a student of Jeff’s for 20 years and owes his love of teaching to Jeff Rodriquez’s method of instruction. He has experienced the “Code Made Simple” method first-hand and has transitioned well to serving as our primary instructor. Victor has been an electrician since his early teen years. Throughout the years, he has served in the U.S. Armed Forces and has held titles such as an aircraft maintenance specialist and nuclear armed response team member. In 1999, he established V.H. Ring Electric where he opened a training center to teach NEC instruction and provided code analysis. Victor has shown a renewed enthusiasm for the electrical code and has helped maintain the vision of JCR Productions, Inc.


While Victor makes himself as accessible to you as possible, he is JCR’s only instructor. Therefore there are many times he is teaching a workshop and can’t get back to you in that moment. We recommend you send him an email so he can get back to you during his “in-between” times. Check our calendar of workshops to see when he is actively teaching. 

Jeffrey Rodriquez (6/9/56 – 9/26/19)

& Carol Rodriquez

JCR Productions, Inc has assisted thousands in reaching their goals with Jeff Rodriquez’s “Code Made Simple” approach in electrical training that still works over 30 years later.

On September 26th, 2019, Jeff passed away when recovering from surgery. In his preparation in taking a step back from the classroom, he made arrangements for Victor Ring to step in and continue the Code Made Simple strategies.

Former EPCCG Program Director and President of JCR Productions, Inc, Jeff had worked within the electrical industry for 43 years in multiple capacities. He held multiple Unlimited and Master license qualifications, served as a Chief Inspector, Field and Examinations Supervisor for the NC State Electrical Board, a contributing editor to multiple trade publications, and a full-time electrical code consultant for 30 years. 

Jeff and Carol Rodriquez founded JCR Productions, Inc. to educate electricians in becoming invested and grounded in the electrical code. His wife Carol has now taken the reigns and is dedicated to keeping JCR going in Jeff’s honor.


Rebecca Noyes

Rebecca Noyes

Educational Coordinator

Rebecca joined JCR Productions, Inc in 2020 and brings a background in education and social work. Rebecca is currently the full time office manager and Educational Coordinator. 


Employee pending!

Employee pending!

Customer Service Representative


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North Carolina Board Instructor of the Year