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Electrical Education

Let Jeff Rodriquez help you pass the NEC Electrical Exam for your state by making the Code Simple! JCR Productions also offers continuing education classes available in classroom settings throughout NC and online.

Courses approved in multiple states.

Hear for yourself, John K. wrote to Jeff the following:


“I’ve been taking your classes since 2003 or 2004. I keep coming back year after year because you are clearly a great teacher. However, there is something that I don’t think you have a good handle on. When you teach a class, it’s pretty clear that you are an expert on the NEC code. But do you realize you are also an inspiration to the people in your classes to do a job in a manner that reflects nothing short of excellence? I’ve never called you on a code question because you’ve taught me how to use the code to my advantage. The NEC code is more than just a standard to work by, it is a literal gold mine when put to use properly. With what you have taught in your class, we have corrected extremely dangerous situations in Dallas, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago and Charlotte just to name a few places. The knowledge that you are teaching your students is saving lives all across the country, and I would also imagine around the world, because of your expertise. The results are unfathomable! With your inspiration and the knowledge that you’ve given us over the years, we started a company by the skin of our teeth, and with confidence and hard work coupled with your help, so far this year, have turned it into a $4.9 million business…remember that you and Carol have changed the world. For the better. Thanks.”


The Paralleled Numbering System Within Articles 320 through 392

As an assistance to those attempting to navigate the NEC® with consistency and accuracy, JCR is posting the "Paralleled Numbering System" used within the articles of 320 through 392. (Articles 372, 374, & 390 do not use the numbering system as of the 2014 NEC®)...

Frequently Asked Questions

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